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There's something really terrifying/lonely about staying in your home for a decade .w.
I wonder if I didn't even need to move accounts?  I kinda miss my old one.
Team Alias: Flashback                   Rank: Student

Guild Affiliation: [Ardent Cinders]         Date Joined: 9/9/2016

Guild Ranking: 0

Funds: 0 Meobans

Collected Stamps: (Stamps earned from Jobs and Missions go here)


Member 1: Andrew Canaan the Kadabra

Gender: Male        Age: 24

Nature: Careful           Characteristic: Strong-willed

Ability: Magic Guard

Move 1: Disable (Andrew's right arm glows a strange, purplish energy; when he grabs someone, they feel sluggish and temporarily forget how to use the last move they used.)

Move 2: Psychic (Extremely weak.  Andrew can only use this to make psychic manifestations of mundane items: coffee mugs, silverware, and so on.  He can lift books and other smaller objects.)

Move 3: Ice Punch (Ice crystals form on his left arm, on his fist, and he delivers a brutal right hook to his opponent.)

Move 4: Trick (He can use psychic persuasion to make someone look the other way [he calls it a "mind trick", though that hasn't really caught on], or to make someone switch items with him.  Quite handy, too!)

(Use “~” to indicate a TM or Tutor Move)

Uniform Accessory: Boring Scarf (not even fashionable)
Item 1:
Item 2:
Item 3:

Description: A socially inept Kadabra, Andrew has little idea what the world outside is like, nor does he understand how to make friends.  He has only his “out-of-body experiences” to tell him about the lives of other people.  Determined to overcome his past, he joins the Ardent Cinders to become not just a great member, but a great person.

Instead of a star on his forehead like most Kadabra, he has a square instead.  His moustache is shortened.  His tail is thinner than most, with three brown stripes running around it.  His legs and feet are shaped more like a Hitmonchan’s, with less space between the toes (about 2 cm.), and his torso “armor” is colored a rosy brown.  The shoulders are more pointed, but are thankfully not sharp in the least.

Member 2: [Name and Species]
Gender:        Age:
Nature:            Characteristic:
Move 1:
Move 2:
Move 3:
Move 4:
(Use “~” to indicate a TM or Tutor Move)
Uniform Accessory:
Item 1:
Item 2:
Item 3:

Description: (Write a brief description of your character. Include clothing, accessories, and any unique features if they have any.)
Team Inventory
(place any items your team members are not using here, such as Hiring Forms and Furniture Vouchers.)

Written Test

An old Pokemon languished in his queen-size bed, in his queen-size room, on the last throes of his life.  The wall was a gorgeous blue-and-purple striped portrait, not a lot of flair or frill.  An old Nidoking, with a long, dull grey beard, gasped out his last remaining breaths through his damaged esophagus.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Family and friends gathered around his aged, decaying body.  Several different species were gathered at the foot of his massive bed, one of each.  There was an Ivysaur and a Sneasel, among a few others.

Some words were exchanged.  Some whimpers were made.  Some eyes were as red as blood.  He made some sort of last gasp to his wife about a will and testament, that all his possessions were to be divided amongst his kin, though she would wind up with the family jewels.

And then…  everything faded into this pitch blackness, enveloping his peripheral vision until there was nothing but emptiness.

Then, I felt a sensation, like I was dragged along a gravel bed.  Slow, gaining speed second by second; tiny white specks streaking past, until--

My body sprang up, and I woke with a scream.

Panicked, in a cold sweat, my claws darted to my chest, my stomach, my legs.  Where was I?  What happened?  How did I--

No way.  I was still here, back on the hill.  Must’ve fallen asleep after gazing at the sky too long.  On the other hand, I felt really well-rested.  Tucked in the valley--which seemed so small from here--Rift City sat.  It’s been three years since I moved to this city and I still can’t figure out why my neighbor talks to himself in an angry tone.

But what had happened to me?  I faintly remember being in a mansion somewhere, surrounded by--

Oh.  Now I remember.  As my chest rose and fell, expelling a gust of air, I realized what had just happened.

I died.

Getting back home wasn't too difficult.  I was always more physically fit than most other Psychics, so getting back down the hill wasn't too difficult.  Pretty soon the Guild Headquarters(es?) came into view, a tall skyscraper with a strange circle in the middle, symbolizing some sort of soft drink company.  At least, that's what I gleaned from the library's history books.

As for that Nidoking...  Let’s long have I been doing this?

Six years sounds about right.  Six years of plumbing people's personal lives from my mind.  I don't control them, I just live them, if that makes any sense.

I was eighteen when I first jumped.  Jarring, uncomfortable, that's how it felt.  I was, they were, climbing a mountain face just north of the city.  I don't know about you, but I spent the next ten minutes dry-heaving into a trash can after that.

Since then, I poke into people's personal lives every now and again to get an emotional high.  Not to hurt them or use them, you understand!  I just view them through a window, I'm just a passenger.

While that Nidoking lay in his bed, I wondered something to myself: what was it like to die?  My parents said you saw a white light after you passed away.  Your soul is delivered from its crude mortal coil, plucked away from your friends and family, to the pearly gates.


Okay now, let me explain.  You know how mind control amongst Psychics is, like, illegal?  To the point where you’ll be sentenced to life without parole?  Where they clamp on a Disable headband onto your skull like a vice?

Well obviously there’s more helpful applications than just playing puppet master for an hour.  Psychics can delve into people’s memories to help them find treasured memories, help solve crimes, that sort of thing.  I like to call my jumps, “out-of-body experiences”.

As for me?  I work at this retail store which humanity left behind, presumably because they were all self-hating masochists.  And hooooooly fuck, is it boring.  Eight straight hours of folks spending way too fucking much on groceries, half of which will wind up in some compost heap no one cares about.

So what did I do?

I walked toward the Ardent Cinders’ headquarters with purpose, and the faint smell of strawberries tickling my nostrils.  I couldn’t stop thinking about that old man.  All his family and friends, standing there by his bedside while he moved on to...a better life?  I’m not sure if there really is a heaven beyond this earth.

What would happen to me?  Would anyone remember me?
Ardent Cinders App: Flashback
Re-post of a deviation I deleted earlier, cause I'm way too tired and things just happened--

Andrew belongs to me.  :iconrival-gates: belongs to :iconpentaguro: and co.

If you can, come check out JewelNetwork!  It's relatively new and they need help getting some kinks ironed out, ^^;  They'd really appreciate your help!

It's a brand new group revolving around Steven Universe artwork!  It's in beta right now, and they need testers to help iron out all the kinks!  I'd appreciate it if you could spread the word about it!

It's a brand new group revolving around Steven Universe artwork!  It's in beta right now, and they need testers to help iron out all the kinks!  I'd appreciate it if you could spread the word about it!


Ian, ^^
United States
I'm just a writer who's in this for fun and for the long run.

Old account: shuyintheenigmatic.deviantart.…

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